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1. Congress and the Bible
2. The Northwest Ordinance
3. Indian Treaties and Indian Schools
4. Propagating the Gospel Among the Heathen?
5. Thomas Jefferson and Public Education
6. Did Prayer Save the Constitutional Convention?
7. Treaties with the Barbary States
8. Treaties with Christian Nations
9. James Madison's Detached Memoranda
10. The Election of 1800
11. More Lies About Benjamin Franklin
12. More Lies About Thomas Jefferson
13. Jefferson, Madison, and Blackstone?

Notes about the Footnote Archive:

This archive is provided to allow those who are reading Liars for Jesus: The Religious Right's Alternate Version of American History to view and verify the sources cited in the book's footnotes. Use the links to the left to go to the footnotes for each chapter.

In cases where a book cited in a footnote is not available online, but an equally reliable book is, the book that is available online is substituted for the book cited in the footnote. In most cases where full books are available in other archives, images of the page or pages cited are provided on this site, with links to the full volumes for those who wish to read additional pages. In some cases, where electronic versions of books are available from reliable sources, such as universities, libraries, historical societies, or the publishers of the book, links to these versions are provided.

To make this archive useful also to those not reading Liars for Jesus, but looking for specific documents for their own research, descriptions of all documents are provided.